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Written by Shelly   
Aug 22, 2005 at 01:17 PM
Treatment for CEBV is, unfortunately, not the definition many sufferers would prefer or may be hoping to find. Currently there is no known cure for the virus, nor is there any method for protecting against infection. Whereas some medical professionals seems to believe that transmission is mainly through saliva, many CEBV victims will say there is almost no chance they were infected in this way. Certainly it is a possibility, as with any other form of disease, but many are still uncertain how they may have acquired the virus in the first place. At any rate, should you find yourself positive for CEBV, there are several things that can be done. Many take time in order to work properly, but for now it is much better than waiting it out.

1. Help from a trained professional.

This need not be a doctor, though it certainly will start here for most sufferers. After being tested, this is often the first means by which you may learn of ways to help you through the disease. Some doctors, however, are much more knowledgeable about CEBV than others. In fact, some still believe it does not even exist. If you find yourself at odds with your PCP (primary care physician), do not be afraid to seek help elsewhere, whether it be a dietitian or another doctor altogether.

2. Medication.

This will most likely follow from the first suggestion. Various medications can be used to treat the symptoms caused by CEBV. As mentioned, there is currently no way to combat the virus itself. Only the symptoms can be dealt with. Many sufferers find it necessary to take anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, or in some cases even steroids. The latter should only be used if swelling caused by the virus becomes too severe or hinders certain functions, such as urination or eating. Of course nothing of this nature can be purchased over the counter, they can only be prescribed. If you are thinking of taking any type of medication, talk with your doctor and learn about any possible side effects, complications, or interactions with other medications.

3. Dietary changes.

This is often one of the most important factors in the treatment plan for anyone suffering from CEBV. Altering your diet will be core to feeling better, even if it is only slightly better. If you are looking for an approach that takes a more complete perspective of the matter, alter your diet.

4. Plenty of rest.

This is something that many sufferers may not have the liberty of performing. If you find the time, rest as much as possible. Your immune system works at its greatest while you sleep. Plus, more often than not, you may be experiencing extreme fatigue to begin with. Do not push yourself, rest whenever you can. This also includes mental rest. You may feel physically up to a task, but not mentally. Do not force yourself into anything that feels uncertain. Rest.

5. Exercise.

This varies from person to person. In fact, some sufferers find themselves unable to do more than walk a few miles. Whatever it may be, try it and if it works, continue to do it. You must remain active. Though rest is necessary, activity is as well to balance your body and achieve a more efficient state of immune system function. However, be careful. Splenetic rupture is a possibility with some victims of CEBV. Therefore, it is safest to exercise in moderation, no matter how good you are feeling. If you previously weight lifted or performed any activities that demand quite a deal of energy, stop doing them altogether until you find yourself in better physical spirits. Many victims of CEBV have found routines that include yoga or qigong to very beneficial to treatment.

6. Family support.

Some sufferers will find that, unfortunate though it may be, this is the time when they discover who is truly a friend and who is truly not. Some even have difficulty explaining the situation to family members, let alone to coworkers or acquaintances. Wherever you can find support, take it. Talk your feelings and frustrations out with whoever will listen. It is best to be open with this disease instead of pretending things are much better than they are. Talking about your sensations, especially mental sensations, will help the coping process as your body heals.
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